Tell me your story – Sendi from Indonesia


This story dedicated for my precious soul on how am I head over heels to live in MELTING POT.

Taken by Sendi

I love it so hard…

What is your name?
What excites you and makes your heartbeat.
Tell your story!
I want to hear your voice and your conviction.
Yes, this is me! My name is Sandi Sri Devi Nababan. I’m one of person who really love to play around with various people, various culture. I’m kind of person who really love to know more about others (I love children, I love living in an aesthetic life, I love various food and I’m one of foodies). I’m the one who really love me so much with embrace myself by join to this project even on my every single moment. I enjoy every single time on my duty and healing by myself. The more I know who am I then more I love myself, that’s called as know your identity well. That is how it works.
During this project I’m trying to challenge myself with courage and support by others. I’m going to dig deeper and deeper my own self by remain working and get along with various people.
I got beauty scenery deadly and it was gorgeous even can’t described with word by words because I’m super amazed on it. Every single moment I try to realized and reflected into myself. That was the reason I can hold myself tightly. I never imagine I can to be here, it was something really amazing and I’m so grateful with this. I like me better when I found out myself. I think since I join with this I have to struggles by my own self and also think how to survive, I have to go beyond on me, trying to come out from my comfort zone as well.

This is my new family, new friends, new home because everywhere is home for me

and the last, one of the important things, I would like to say Thank you so much for AIESEC program that encouraged me to this extraordinary place, I stepped my journey here because of you. I have to gratitude on it and I feel blessed. Thank you!

and how about you? tell me your story below:)

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